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If you want recent updates, tips, and reviews on topics related to swimming pools, saunas, hot tubs, bathroom, and home improvements, then this is the right place to be.

Brief History

In 2015, pooladvisors.net was born. The creation of this site sprung up from the desire to deliver well-research and up-to-date information that aids smart buying decisions. Since its birth, the brilliant minds behind the site have never stopped doing research, learning and trying out new tips, writing reviews, as well as planning and strategizing the best way to serve you better.

It’s quite overwhelming to buy the right products that perfectly match our needs. Hence, a lot of consumers make the mistake of purchasing the wrong product with a ridiculously high price tag. As a firm believer that not all quality products are expensive, pooladvisors.net aims to provide valuable reviews that introduce the best-value products in the market.

From sharing honest and comprehensive product reviews, we expand to writing buying tips and informative articles as well. We also extend our topics, from focusing on swimming pools alone to covering topics such as hot tubs, bathrooms, saunas, and home improvement.

In a nutshell, what we want is simple— to help you reach informed buying decisions without regrets in the end.

What Is Pooladvisors.net?

Pooladvisors.net is an affiliate site. This means that the site earns a small percentage of commision if you buy a product through our link without additional fees at all.

The small earnings that we accumulate will be used for website maintenance and other website costs so that we can continue providing you quality content.

Don’t worry, purchasing through our link is not at all compulsory. You can enjoy reading all the reviews and articles on our site for FREE.

If you have questions or ideas that you want to read in our next reviews and articles, get in touch with us: [email protected]

We love to hear your thoughts and opinions! 

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