Is It A Good Decision To Let Your Dogs Enter Your Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Dogs and swimming pool

Dogs and swimming pool

Swimming pools are not just for humans, but even animals like to have fun in the water. If you have an above ground swimming pool in your house, then you should make some arrangements to get your pets in the dog swimming pool as well. There are many people in the world who consider pets as an integral part of the family and they want to involve them in all the experiences that are enjoyed by other family members. There is no reason to leave them in a room just because they aren’t humans.

They are pets, you bought them in the house and it is your responsibility to take care of them. Before you let your pet enter the swimming pool, just make sure that it is comfortable with water. For example the cats, they hate water more than anything and they will do anything to get stay away from it. So, in this article, we are going to discuss a few details about the pets and the above ground swimming pools.

Can pets damage the swimming pools?

My answer to this question is ‘NO’, there is no way that pets are going to damage swimming pools. To know the reasons, just keep reading the article. What I believe is that, there is just one way by which your swimming pool could be damaged, i.e., when you pet frets. So, if you provide a bit of a training to your pet, then your pet is going to do just fine in the swimming pool.

How do dogs swim?

Dogs don’t actually swim, instead they paddle on the surface of the water. Dogs are good swimmers, so if your dog doesn’t know how to swim, then you can teach them the basic swimming techniques and they won’t take much time to learn them. Doggy paddle is the only way that dogs make use of while swimming in the water. What they do is, they use their hind legs and front paws to make their way in the water. The design of the above ground swimming pool makes it easier for the dogs to swim properly because the water remains inside the pool. You need to make sure that the nails of your pet are properly cut because the material used in the swimming pool are vulnerable to sharp objects.

I am pretty sure that you must have taught your dog not to scratch its paws against anything, so just tell the same when it is swimming in the pool. It depends upon your skills and the smartness of your dog that, how well it will perform in the swimming pool.

Add a proper resting spot for your dog.

Dogs love water and they are going to do everything to get into the water with you. A dog has more stamina than humans, but they get tired after some time. So, you need to have a resting spot for your dog, where it can rest. There are many different types of resting materials available in the market, so you can find the right one for your dog. There are special ladders available in the market that you can place on the pool, which your dog can use for resting purposes.

Can water harm your dog in any way?

Well, I don’t think if the dog can be harmed from being in the water. But, you need to make sure that the water is clean and bacteria free. You have to take the same precautions and the measures that you take when the swimming pool is dirty. A dirty pool is equally harmful for your dog as it is for you. Don’t put excessive chlorine in the water, as the skin of your dog is also affected due to excessive exposure to chlorine.

Is there any effect on the swimming pool filter?

Well, it depends upon the breed of your dog because every dog sheds hair, but the quantity of hair shed by a dog depends upon its breed. If the hair fall is more, then yes, it will put the load on your filter. So, if you know that your pet sheds way too much hair, then you need to add a bigger and better filter. These are some of the key things that you have to keep in mind before letting your dog in the dog swimming pool to avoid any issues. Protection Status

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