Teach Your Dog How to Swim in the Pool

Teach Your Dog How to Swim in the Pool

Teach Your Dog How to Swim in the Pool

It’s a belief that every dog can swim, but it’s not true. Just like children they also need to be taught about the swimming. Dogs who love the water can easily be taught to swim, but who doesn’t love challenge will be there. Some breeds like pugs, bulldogs, basset hounds, and more don’t like water, so for them, you have to introduce them to the water slowly.

We will discuss here the tips for Teach Your Dog How to Swim in the Pool:

The dog’s nails should be properly trimmed.

If your dog is a water lover then his enthusiasm level would be at peak. So, in the excitement, your dog might scrap you with his sharp nails. Be careful and trim the nails before you get hurt.

Grooming of your dog before swimming activity.

As we all know that dogs shed a lot of hair, so you have to take care of this particular aspect because it can increase your cleaning work and also damage the filter system. You need to check and clean the skimmer baskets after short period of time.

Be extra cautious about the toys that your dog use in the pool.

As many dogs have sharp teeth and has the ability to snatch a toy that has the solid edge. So you have to take care that they don’t use such toys that could harm them later on.

4. Carry a life jacket while you are taking your dog out for swimming.

A life jacket can help a god with smaller legs because for them swimming could be a harder activity. It doesn’t matter if your dog is a trained swimmer, you can still let it wear a life jacket to avoid any catastrophic event. It will give your dog a plenty of confidence to swim in the water.

You should introduce swimming to your dog in a slow and steady manner.

Have you ever taken your dog along into the water? If yes, then have you noticed its behavior? If your dog was comfortable with the water, then it is a big sigh of relief for you as you can easily take your dog for swimming. If the dog is not comfortable, then do watch for their flying paws. Generally, dogs are very adaptable and don’t consider water as a problem. Those who don’t like water for them a life vest could be a good alternative.

Properly dry them off after every swim.

The most important point is that when your dog is finished with swimming, and then dry them off properly to avoid irritation to the eyes and skin. But you shouldn’t go for the shampoo after swimming until or unless it has conditioning. The other option you could go for, is the waterless bath with a natural product like Aloe Vera that suits your dog skin.

Carry water with you at the time of swimming.

Try to always keep fresh water around your dog at the time of his swimming. Don’t allow him to drink water from the pool as it could lead to a stomach infection.

At the exit of the pool, make it surrounded by a big potted plant.

We human have the ability to judge the depth perception, but dogs don’t have. So, if you have steps in your pool, then you have to make use of the potted plant in order to determine the exit. If you don’t have the steps, then try to have a ramp that is non-slipper in nature for getting the dog out of the pool

These are the basic and essential tips on how you can teach your pet to swim. If you follow them religiously then your dog will never get hurt and will be trained properly.

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