Important Pool Safety Guidelines You Need to Know to Prevent Drowning

Important Pool Safety Guidelines You Need to Know to Prevent Drowning

Important Pool Safety Guidelines You Need to Know to Prevent Drowning
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (UCPS), an average of 5,900 children 15 years and below are hospitalized every year because of drowning. Most of these cases are caused by simply not following or executing important, even basic, safety pool guidelines.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take the necessary precautions as soon as you decide to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

Here are the important pool safety guidelines you need to follow:

1. Install electrical equipment properly

You need to ensure that plugs and switches are installed in a way that doesn’t permit entry of water. Water splash, overflowing water, and careless hosing can damage electrical equipment.

On the other hand, faulty wirings submerged in water could get you or your kids electrocuted.m That’s why it is advisable to seek the expertise of electrical engineers to do this crucial job.

2. Do not use slippery materials when constructing your pool

You should use rough tiles on the pool sides, steps, and the lower surface of your pool as they provide a good grip on your feet and prevent you from gliding when you lost your balance.

Kids are fond of running around the pool, so make sure that you also elevate the sides of the pool and use cement instead of tiles. This way, in case they slipped, it’s not towards the pool.

3. Install sturdy fence barriers around the pool

For an above ground pool, it’s best to mount solid rails around the swimming pool so that kids won’t fall when they go out of the water. Also, make sure those fences don’t have sharp edges.

Your pool fence should be at least six feet high and should always be locked when not in use so that the kids can’t swim in the pool without your consent and supervision. It’s better safe than sorry.

4. Add a pool alarm system

There are plenty of pool alarm options available for above ground pool, specifically for the fiberglass pools, that are easy to install. With detailed instructions from the store where you bought it, you can set up the alarm yourself. Plus, it’s easy to operate; a simple on and off button is all it takes to activate it.

A pool alarm is designed to detect intruders like children and pets. Even if your house is 200-feet away from your pool, your remote receiver can still sense the motion of walking or floating trespassers.

5. Use a pool cover when you’re not using your pool

When summer is over and your pool is not in use, you should consider covering it. A pool cover not only guards your pool against dirt and damage. It also protects your children and pets from falling and getting trapped inside the swimming pool.

There are different types of pool covers, but pick the hybrid safety pool cover because it combines the benefits of the mesh and solid type covers. It allows entry of rainwater in your pool but keeps away the debris like leaves and twigs from passing through.

6. Indicate the depth of the water and put up warning signs

Ask the depth of the water to your contractor and create markers to inform swimmers. This will help them identify which part of the pool is deeper so that swimmers can avoid the deep area if they don’t know how to swim or can’t reach the bottom of the pool.

You should also add warning signs such as ‘’Slippery When Wet’’ or ‘’No Diving’’ to warn swimmers of the things they shouldn’t do while swimming.


These simple reminders are highly important to ensure that no one will drown during your supposed fun family swimming activity.

However, since you can’t always be there to watch over your family, the better way to prevent such incidents from happening is to teach your family, especially your children, how to swim. Also, explain to them the danger of recklessly playing around the pool and swimming alone.

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