Used Hot Tubs: Are They Worth Buying?

fun girls drink juice at the hot tub

fun girls drink juice at the hot tub

Everyone loves hot tubs because they offer you a slice of luxury that can help you relax after a hard day of work. The problem with hot tubs is that they’re really pricey. Fortunately though, there are some hot tub shops that sell pre-owned or second-hand hot tubs.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking. Most people are a bit icky when they hear the term “pre-owned” or “used” because they imagine quality issues that can affect them in the long run.

So, the lingering question that you may have in your head right now is,

“Are used hot tubs worth it?”

Let’s find out.

Where Can You Find Used Hot Tubs?

There are actually a lot of thrift stores that carry used hot tubs for sale. You can check out second hand goods stores and look for some nice hot tub deals. Other than that, there are also some dealers that sell refurbished hot tubs. There are also previous owners that want to dispose of their old hot tubs by selling them at a low price.

There are so many venues where you can find used but good hot tubs. All you have to do is source them. The best place to look is online. Through local search, you can find hot tub sellers around your area.

Used vs Refurbished Spa

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Hot Tubs

The thing about buying used items is that it can be a hit or miss thing. You can find some of the best hot tubs for the lowest prices with reputable dealers but at the same time, you might not get so lucky.

So, when choosing second hand tubs, you need to have an eye for spotting quality and a little bit of luck. In any case, here are the pros and cons of buying a used hot tub so that you’ll know if they are right for you:


  • Price

The first benefit that you can get from a used hot tub is savings. If you buy used hot tubs, you can get them at half the price or even less. Some dealers even give extra deals to go with the low prices. You can really save up on used tubs as compared to buying a new one.

  • Uniqueness

Most people say that they can find treasures in stores that sell second hand goods– and that’s absolutely true. You can find a lot of unique merchandise in second hand stores that you probably can’t find in a regular store.

  • Variety of Brand

When you buy second hand tubs, you’ll be exposed to a lot of different brands from different countries. In most stores, especially electrical appliance stores, there are a limited number of brands that they carry. Since second hand stores and dealers don’t really have partnerships with brands, you’ll find a lot of different kinds.

  • Objective Sales

At the same time, dealers second hand tubs aren’t going to be too “salesy” with you since they’re not affiliated with brands. If you ask them which one is the best in terms of features you’re looking for, they’ll tell you their honest opinion more often than not.


  • Quality Not Guaranteed

As mentioned above, second hand goods are a hit and miss sort of thing. That said, you can’t assure total quality when you buy one of these. You need to be very attentive with the details if you want to buy a quality second hand tub.

  • No Warranty

Obviously, there will be no warranty included. You might get lucky and might buy a used tub that was only used for a short period of time. The warranty might still be there. But chances are that pre-owned tubs don’t have warranties, especially refurbished tubs.

  • No Set Up

With new tubs, you get the option of having someone set up and install the new tub for you. For used tubs though, you really need to do all the installation yourself. Second-hand tub stores sometimes throw in a delivery option but you’re on your own once it’s in your home.

  • No Terms

Payment terms for used tubs are pretty limited. Usually, second hand stores only accept cash upfront (sometimes credit or debit card). Also, there are no terms like payments in installments and such.

How To Spot a Good Second Hand Hot Tub

While buying a second hand tub does require some luck, there are ways to bring up the odds to your favor.

Simply look at these things when buying used tubs:

Age of Hot Tub

The newer the tub, the better for you to buy. Older tubs are most likely more worn out, so always ask the age before you buy.

Reputation of Seller

When buying a second hand tub, you’re not only buying the tub but also the reputation of the seller. If the seller is known for selling good quality second-hand goods, then you’re in pretty good hands.

Repair Options

Does the brand you’re going to buy have viable repair options and replacement parts? If not, then you might want to think twice.

Shell and Cabinet Quality

These two parts refer to the exterior of the tub. Look out for scratches and leaks as well as dents. If there are leaks or major scratches, don’t buy the hot tub.

Control Panel

Lastly, you’ll want to check out the control panel to see if all the functions work. Do a test run while you’re there before you shell out your money. 

The Bottomline…

how to use a hot tub

By digesting all the info above, we can see that buying a second-hand tub can be worth it if you know how to go about.

Who buys used hot tubs, anyway? We’d say these are the people who want luxury but are not willing to spend so much for it. These are also the people who don’t mind obscure brands that have unique functions other mainstream brands don’t have. These are also the buyers who have knowledge on tub installation and don’t mind a little DIY work. Lastly, these are the people who don’t mind totally scrutinizing the tub before they buy.

If you’re this type of buyer, then we think that second-hand tubs are worth it for you. If not, then stick with brand new ones. Protection Status

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