Kingston Brass Bathtub Reviews (7 Best-Selling Bathtubs 2020)

Kingston Brass Bathtub Reviews

Kingston Brass Bathtub Reviews

Kingstone Brass is a brand with a huge selection of bathtubs and bathroom accessories. From 100% acrylic tubs to clawfoot bathtub, Kingston is a trusted name in the bathtub manufacturing industry.

Want to know the best Kingston Brass tubs at the moment? Check them out below!

7 Top-Rated Kingston Brass Bathtubs

1.  Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 13-Inches Soaking Bathtub

Straightforward yet bold is what this soaking tub is all about. It has the classic rectangular shape with an alcove installation. This measures 60-inches by 31-inches, so there are a lot of space for you to get comfortable while having a relaxing soak.

Best Features:

  • Made from solid acrylic material that makes it stain resistant and scratch resistant
  • Reinforced with fiberglass and resin material to make the tub even more durable
  • Simple yet pleasing to the eye; the simple design will surely complement any bathrooms
  • Water depth is 13-inches, which is a standard soaking depth for a tub
  • Perfect for residential use in studio apartments and other houses with smaller spaces
  • Include 1-year residential product warranty

2.  Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 14-Inches Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

An ergonomic soaking bathtub that will make your bathtub soak even more gratifying. This acrylic tub is one of the best Kingston brass tubs because of its tub shape.

This tub is a single slipper tub that follows the natural curve or shape of your back. Thus, you will feel even more relaxed as you lay on the bathtub.

Best Features:

  • Constructed from premium from 3 to 5 mm of acrylic
  • Comes with a tub drain, plus an overflow
  • Holds up to 52.4gallons of water
  • Intended for residential use only
  • Has a very nice shape with smooth edges

3.  Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 16-Inches Soaking Bathtub

Another magnificent freestanding tub on the list is this 16-inches soaking tub. This is also a single slipper bathtub. What makes this tub different from the others is its materials. Unlike most tubs made from 100% acrylic, this one is a combination of cast iron and porcelain.

Best Features:

  • With white porcelain enameled-interior
  • Comes with a beautiful eagle claw and ball tub feet set
  • The tub feet can be adjusted when the floor is uneven.
  • Holds as much as 45 gallons of water
  • You will enjoy a full soak bath with its 16-inches depth.

4.  Aqua Eden 15-Inches Freestanding Soaking Tub

If you fancy that cast iron and acrylic combined look in a tub, then you should definitely check out this stunning oval shaped soaking bathtub. This has a dimension of 67-inches by 28-inches and is 15-inches deep.

This only holds 47.6 gallons of water, but the water is enough so that you can enjoy a great soaking experience, thanks to its elongated and slim body.

Best Features:

  • Superb plumbing fixtures that will not only add life to your bathroom but also add more years to the tub’s lifespan
  • Drain placement is reversible, making this easy to install
  • The single slipper design provides a comfortable slope where you can rest your back as you enjoy a good bath in the tub.
  • Tub feet are powder coated for added durability and sturdiness

5.  Aqua Eden 15-Inches Freestanding Soaking Bathtub

Kingston Brass proudly offers this hand-smoothed soaking bathtub that has smooth edges and seamless design. The bathtub is constructed with cast iron material.

This soaking tub holds approximately 72 gallons of water so that your whole body is all covered by the water. On top of that, the oval shape is an eye candy and allows your body to settle comfortably in the tub.

Please note that this tub is quite heavy, so an extra hand is needed to carry it.

Best Features:

  • The cast iron materials are highly durable.
  • Already pre-drilled, so installing the tub is a lot easier
  • Perfect for residential use
  • Offers 1-year product warranty
  • Includes an overflow drain

6.  Aqua Eden Marianne 15-Inches Soaking Bathtub

The idea of soaking is to submerge your body into the water as you take your time to unwind and destress. Marianne is a name given to this bathtub model as it is immaculately beautiful and incredible. In terms of depth, this tub boasts 15-inches depth, which allows the bather to enjoy a full soak.

The oval shape is also really convenient, letting you stretch your body a bit as you take a refreshing bath and invigorating soak in this tub.

Best Features:

  • A beautiful freestanding tub that can instantly revamp the look of your bathroom
  • Easy to install and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom
  • A combination of traditional look and contemporary settings and features, Marianne is one of the best-selling tubs from the brand, earning its title as one of the best Kingston Brass bathtubs in the market.
  • Includes 1-year product warranty
  • Strong and durable

7.  Aqua Eden 14-Inches- Soaking Tub

A luxurious and spaces bathtub from Kingston has won the hearts of many families. This huge soaking tub has been constant in many Kingston Brass bathtub reviews.


This is a pristine-looking tub with white gloss finish. In addition, the interior design is just amazing and all parts and fixtures are well-made and well-constructed. Lastly, this has enough space to fit 2 people inside.

Best Features:

  • The acrylic construction is durable and very sturdy.
  • Water capacity is up to 58.2 gallons of water
  • Ideal for residential use but can also be used in small commercial studios and apartments
  • Has 1-year limited product warranty
  • IAPMO and UPC certified

The Best-Value Bathtub!

woman enjoy luxury bathtub

All 7 bathtubs mentioned are incredible. Although they have their own pros and cons, we still think that Kingston Brass is pretty much a great brand to start your bathtub shopping.

Among the 7 choices, we recommend the Kingston Brass Aqua Eden 16-Inches Soaking Bathtub. It is 16-inches deep, which means your body will be fully covered as you spend time in the tub. Also, we love that it deviates from the conventional acrylic tubs with its cast iron and porcelain material combinations. Lastly, design-wise, this tub is a single slipper that lets you rest your back comfortably while soaking. Protection Status

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